Dragon Forms

Project Details

  • Role : UI/UX, Front-end Developer
  • Team : 3 Developers, 1 Product Manager
  • Launched : Dec 2012

Prior to 2012, Hallmark Data Systems' publishing clients relied on a custom web form solution to build subscription forms for their audiences. Conversion rates sagged, and product management and leadership looked for ways to improve engagement between the clients and their subscribers. Dragon Forms was conceptualized in early 2011, spearheaded by iterative design efforts between myself, developers, and my product managers to reimagine the current web form platform.

What clients wanted

Client feedback had increasingly swelled with requests for a platform that allowed faster content creation (with drag and drop being the most requested feature - hence the name Dragon), embeddable forms, more customized layouts, and responsive web pages.

What was built

Three components were built — the Content Management System to house all the custom assets and layouts, the Form Builder, and more robust web services.


Dragon was well-received throughout Hallmark's client-base and became its most successful product to date. Clients had reported increased conversion rates because they were able to customize their forms to match their branding strategies, implement analytics through tracking tags, present their brand through mobile platforms (with the help of emerging technologies such as Bootstrap), and explore new segments of their markets.

  • Dragon Mockup
  • Dragon Generated Web Form