Project Details

  • Role : UI/UX, Front-end Developer
  • Team : 1 Interaction Designer, 3 Developers, 1 Product Manager
  • Launched : May 2, 2018

My innovation team was tasked with creating a product that could be used to create and manage events (such as conferences and trade shows), engage exhibitors with their audiences directly, and smartly suggest other relevant booths to attendees based on their interests.

Who to consider in the design
  • The event organizer(s)
  • The exhibitors/speakers
  • The attendees

Thus, three main components of the app were necessary to build out — Event Owner Admin, Exhibit Owner Admin, and the Attendee App. All three were also expected to be mobile responsive.

Both Owner Admin components allowed the end-user the ability to create events or products, view dashboards and reports, and integrated with an existing in-house email platform, while the attendee app captured reaction data to be consumed by the owners.

  • Attendee View
  • Attendee View - Modal
  • Event Creation UI
  • Exhibitor Dashboard - Schedule UI
  • Email Deployment Design